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The city of Porto is the ideal place to enjoy nature and be dazzled by its cultural richness. The city of Porto is the capital of the District of Porto, and Portugal’s second most important and historical city since it was in Porto that began the history of Portugal.

In Porto you will fall in love with the rich culture, the cultural and natural variety of the region, mainly for the region where the wineries are located on the banks of the Douro. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, with temperatures ranging from 5ºC to 25º, make your tour more interesting, as it is not very cold in winter and the summer is not so hot and the colorful buildings on the banks of the Douro River complete the rich scenery that unfolds in this corner of Portugal.

Porto is considered a global city mainly by the production of wine. You can find several famous Port Wines here. The tourists that circulate here is more than one million visitors annually.

When visiting Porto, don’t forget to drop by at its famous restaurants. There are several great restaurants that you wouldn’t want to miss. The followings are the recommended restaurant that you should visit while sightseeing in Porto.


Salsa & Loureiro Restaurant

In an area designed by Paulo Lobo, Salsa & Loureiro is the meeting point between Portuguese gastronomy and the art of cooking with the right seasoning. It is a modern and cozy restaurant where every taste is thought of in detail.

Salsa & Loureiro is a restaurant where the secrets of the Portuguese gastronomic legacy are spiced with creativity and a pinch of exclusivity. With the signature of Chef Hélio Loureiro, traditional Portuguese cuisine is a target of celebration under reinvented forms and upright palates. Right next to it, the Mood for wine cellar which invites you to a trip through the winemaking in Portugal.

Looking for the essence of each dish of Portuguese gastronomy, Chef Hélio Loureiro presents, from Monday to Sunday, daily highlights at attractive prices and draws a script of flavours that. He presents from the octopus rice with fillets to the little rojões with sarrabulho popes, passing through tripe in the fashion of Porto, or cod with bread crumbs and greens.

If, on Saturday, families can find the traditional roast goat kid in the oven with rice sausages and saffron, on Sundays the roofing service is divided into three moments of pure pleasure at the table. Not to forget the most celebrated dishes of our gastronomic heritage, such as the codfish fritters with tomato salad and burgers, the soup of the vegetable garden with swiss bones, the seafood açorda or cabidela rice. At Salsa & Loureiro any meal is a handful of aromas by Helio.


Casa d’Oro Restaurant

The new esplanade is the place where you can witness the splendour of the Church of San Francisco and the Palácio da Bolsa.

The Casa d’Oro restaurant is ideal for enjoying an excellent late lunch with a beautiful setting, feeling to sail the river. The owner is the Italian Maria Paola Porru. He combined two restaurants into different concepts.

In an all-glazed building that is literally on the Douro and almost under the Arrábida Bridge, are embedded an elegant Italian restaurant on the first floor, a relaxed pizzeria in the second, in which you can probably eat the best pizzas in town, and a beautiful terrace for the warmer days. Here is a great option for a nice meal, serious or relaxed, rain or shine, in always mesmerizing scenery.


DOP Restaurant

The PDO restaurant is situated in a Heritage Site of the World, Oporto. The building has a long history. It started as a porch of the Convent of S. Domingos and maintained a great activity from the XIV century, like auction venues and council meetings. In 1834, it functioned as Lisbon’s headquarter which afterwards became Portugal Bank. In between 1934 and 1989, it became the home for an insurance company, the Douro Insurance Company.

The Palace of Arts’ concept suits perfectly into the project of Rui Paula, who is familiar with gastronomy field. The PDO was thought to function as a space of taste, cosmopolitan and at the same time familiar, creator of exciting gastronomic experiences.

The restaurant has the capacity of 65 people. It is equipped with the most modern equipment and has two different and complementary areas: a show cooking that has faster and cheaper service, and a more traditional but also innovative gastronomy and dining room.


Restaurant Pedro Lemos

The restaurant Pedro Lemos is located in Foz do Douro, in one of the most beautiful and emblematic historical zones of the invested city, between slender dwellings and leaning on the sidewalk stone, surrounded by the typical grey of Foz Velha, brilliant for the humid climate caused by the proximity of the sea.

The tight houses against each other are characters in this unforgettable setting, and the people are the soul of the area, inviting us to travel back in time to stories of yesteryear.

Opened in 1964 as a bar, in a good English style, it was always a space of selection of elites of the time.

3C Club Restaurant

The 3C was born from a conversation between two of the current members and their respective women while they were walking in downtown Porto. The concept of a Restaurant that “turns” Bar starts at midnight, located in an emblematic building of downtown Porto of the 1940s.

Located in a calm, cool and cosmopolitan environment, 3C has varied visitors, from artists, alternative, yuppies, youth and students.

The restaurant has interesting proposals, alternating between traditional Portuguese dishes and Mediterranean creativity with a touch of author’s cuisine, thanks to the chef Paulo Marques.

The cosmopolitan Bar with trendy look and finish starts calm and ends up bombing.

Restaurant Casa da Música

Located on the 7th and the last floor of the Casa da Música, there is Casa da Música Restaurant, with a high-quality service that spans three different spaces: Restaurant, Barra-Bar and Terrace.

In the restaurant, you can enjoy a signature cuisine inspired by the world, made with quality ingredients and at attractive prices.

Right before or after a concert, at lunch or dinner, the restaurant has for you a variety of proposals, where modernity and refinement accompany the many musical overtures of Casa da Música.

With a maximum capacity of 220 people sitting or 400 standing, the flexibility and uniqueness of the Casa da Música Restaurant allow the holding of corporate or private events, for large or small groups.


Pimms Restaurant

The PIMMS restaurant cafe is another avant-garde reflex associated with the growing rehabilitation movement in the historic centre of the city of Porto.

It aims to be a cosmopolitan space, faithful to the Portuguese and national products, and at the same time welcoming to tourists who visit Porto all year round.

The new Event Room, right next to the Esplanade, is another example of rehabilitation of a commercial space that now becomes very welcoming and different, but staying true to the initial design of PIMMS. This space provides a new dimension to the capacity of PIMMS to respond to the organisation of any type of event.

PIMMS is “Cheap and Chic” cafe, where the Port feels in its essence and modernity.

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