Best Old Classic Restaurant in Melbourne

The Melbourne restaurant scene is a foodies delight. The food reflects the culture, it is diverse, multi-layered, ethnic. Melbourne’s reputation as the cultural and sporting capital of Australia goes hand in hand with its reputation as being ranked as a good food destination.

How many restaurants in today’s society come and go? Quite a few. There will always be “flash in the pan” restaurants. The true solid restaurants are long lived, steady, consistent in their food served, and always excel in customer service.

Some of the oldest restaurants on record in Melbourne, are the likes of “Florentino” (est.1928), “Cuckoo” ( est.1958). If you have been lucky enough to eat at these restaurants you will have found a delightful menu filled with fresh local ingredients. Innovative steady menus. Talented chefs and well versed wait staff.

Florentino Restaurant Melbourne

There are some old well known “eating locations” such as Lygon street. Foodies with a penchant for good authentic Italian know this locale very well. It is street lore that this is THE place for Italian. Some of the oldest and most reliable eating establishments are quite well priced, likewise some of the newest most flash places sell shit, at an exorbitant price. Who is patronising these restaurants and keeping them alive? Surely people with plenty of money but little taste.

There will be surely somebody in the crowd that calls out their local fish n chippery as the best place to eat. It is true, the best places to eat are not all high classed or have the standard table and chair layout, some of the best food in Melbourne comes wrapped in butchers paper and can be eaten straight from the paper on a park bench, with a flurry of seagulls and pigeons begging for a hot chip from your bag.

melbourne food truck festival


I recall fondly taking an international visitor through the streets of Melbourne one evening, looking at the sites, visiting some of the more fun bars and locations that Melbourne has to offer. Towards the end of the night my friend and I were starving and decided to eat “street food”. So we ordered a kebab from a shady looking Lebanese man, roughly shaved and quite unkempt, however he described his kebab offerings to us with such passion that we decided we could not go past him.

Greek kebab food truck melbourne

Images: Lonely Planet

The gastronomical delight that ensued was equal to foodie heaven. My visitor and I stood on the edge of the footpath, leaning over slightly so the gutter would be the recipient of any of the tasty morsels that fell from our meals wrapped in paper and foil. As we scoffed the food and uttered words like ambrosia and food of the gods, between mouthfuls. I wondered, was it really that this was the very best kebab in the world? or was it the company? the atmosphere? the alcohol consumed? Surely not. Melbourne, the foodie capital of Australia. Authentic. Delicious. Worth it.

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